For all of the information and guidance concerning the preparation of manuscripts, Review Process, and Publication Fee, please click here to visit "Guide to Authors".

Since Some authors prefer to submit manuscripts by email and some are not familiar with the online submission system, we may accept submissions by email or By Online Submission System. In the first case, our technical personnel will enter the details and files associated with the manuscript into the online submission system for the authors. 

Important news (August 2018) for Online Submission:

This is to announce that the journal is planning to replace its current user interface and its old online manuscript submission system to "Scholar One", a product of "Clarivate Analytics". So, until the next update the authors are required to submit the manuscripts only by email. However, our previous online submission system is available at the following link (Please submit by email at this moment not by online submission system):

Please send the manuscript and required files to the editor In-chief at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and c.c it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When an author submits a manuscript, the following three files must be attached: 

1. Cover letter:

Please click here to download a sample cover letter. In the cover letter, you must state that the manuscript, in whole or in part, has not been published by and will not be submitted for publication in any other journal. However, according to the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME), medical journals may consider publishing the English translations of articles that have been published in other languages. If your manuscript has been published elsewhere in another language, please indicate this in the cover letter.

The author must provide complete contact information, i.e., postal/mail address, e-mail address, and telephone number. Also, the first and last names, e-mail addresses, and institutional affiliations of all co-authors must be provided. Please include the first and last names of all authors in the cover letter.

2. Manuscript (Without any information about authors):

The manuscript must include the title of the paper, an Abstract (250 words or less for original articles, 200 words or less for reviews, and 150 words or less for case reports), three to five Keywords, and the body of the manuscript without any information regarding the names of the authors. Abstracts are not required for Letters to the Editor or Editorials.  

Please include all of the tables in the manuscript file. Graph files must be attached to the email separately. The acceptable file formats are ".doc" for texts and ".tiff,” “.jpg,” and “.jpeg” for graphs, plates, artwork, and photos. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to publish any figures or illustrations that are protected by copyright, including figures published elsewhere and pictures taken by professional photographers. We will not publish images downloaded from the Internet without permission.

The authors are advised to use the standard checklists for presenting their research. A list of supporting documents for CONSORT 2010 (Randomized Controlled Trials), CARE checklist (case reports), PRISMA checklist, STROBE, STARD, MOOSE and SPIRIT checklists are available here.

3. Conflict of Interest (COI):

All submissions must be accompanied by a completed Conflict of Interest (COI) form. 

The COI form is available at:  

Please send the manuscript and required files to the editor In-chief at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and c.c it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Expected time required for the peer-review process:

Authors can expect to receive the first round of reviewers' comments and the initial result of their submissions within 3-6 months for routine submissions, and within 3-10 weeks for fast Track submissions (depending on the availability of expert reviewers).



We recommend our authors to read the following carefully before submitting the manuscripts:

1. Manuscripts are accepted on condition that they have not been previously published or submitted for publication, and are not going to be sent to other journals. This restriction does not apply to works published in a form of abstracts or summaries. The "Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts (URM) Submitted to Biomedical Journals" is incorporated into our review and publication process.

2. After Admin processing, the corresponding author will receive a Manuscript ID Number. All of the manuscripts are subject to be under Review process. Authors can expect to receive the first round of reviewers' comments and the initial result of their submissions within 3-6 months for routine submissions, and within 3-10 weeks for fast Track submissions (depending on the availability of expert reviewers).

3. Final decision on an article will be made by Editorial Boards after consideration of reviewers' evaluation. Possible decisions on a manuscript are: accept as is, minor revision, major revision, or reject; however, no one of the manuscripts have been accepted "as is" during our eight years of publishing.

4. Constructive reviewers' comments: All of the accepted manuscripts receive constructive reviewers' comments from our editorial office. Being constructive is one of the main features of peer-review process in Electronic physician. Our authors can consider the constructive reviewers comments as an educational class to improve the quality of the manuscript and they acquire new skills and knowledge that can use it to perform their future research in higher standards and quality of the methods and validity of the findings.

6. This journal is a member of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and follows their flowcharts and guidelines for ethical publication of the medical research. The journal is also a member of World Association of Medical Editors (WAME).


Editorial workflow and review system in Electronic Physician Journal

Step 1. Manuscript submission

This means that the author of the paper submits the article to the journal. If the authors are not familiar with the process of submitting manuscripts for publication or communicating with a journal’s editors, they may ask an expert to submit the manuscript in their behalf. This expert’s name should not be added to the list of authors unless he/she also meets the criteria for authorship. Please refer to the criteria of authorship provided by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) on this link: 

Authors are required to submit three files, i.e., a cover letter, the manuscript, and a completed conflict of interest (COI) form. Please visit the section “Instruction for authors/ authors’ guidelines”, on our website for further information and to download the COI form and a sample cover letter.

An automated manuscript submission and review system is available on the website. Any authors who are not familiar with online manuscript submissions may submit their manuscripts by email, and we will add the manuscripts to the automated system. for more information about manuscript submission please click here.


Step 2. Acknowledgments of submission

By online submission system, the authors are notified of their submission automatically upon successful submission. By email submission, the author(s) will receive an email from the editorial office referring to the manuscript number and acknowledging receipt of the manuscript within 1-3 days.

If the acknowledgement email from the editorial office has not been received within one week, authors should contact us with Whatsapp or Telegram applications at our Google Number: +13476889491, or simply send a SMS to +13476889491 mentioning their email address, their names, and the title of manuscript.

Please do not use these numbers to call the editorial office because they are set to receive only SMS, Whatsapp, and Telegram messages. 


Step 3: Review sessions

In this step, the editor will send the manuscript to the reviewers.

In our experience, most of the delays in peer review arise from inadequate communication between the associate editors of academic journals and the reviewers. Sometimes the invited reviewers forget to check their email or may not have time to open emails identified as “Invitation for manuscript review.” Sometimes, they do not inform the journal’s editors concerning whether or not they plan to review the manuscript. Sometimes, they agree to review a manuscript and forget to do so or do not provide their review comments in a reasonable amount of time. Therefore, beginning in December 2014, Electronic Physician Journal planned a new standard operating procedure (SOP) for its peer-review system.

In the new system, if a reviewer does not respond within 2-3 days to the invitation to provide a review, someone from editorial office will call them by phone to ask if they received the invitation and whether they plan to provide a review or not. 

We ask all reviewers to perform their reviews as soon as possible, preferably within two weeks. However, we understand that, sometimes, reviewers will require additional time. In any case, members of our editorial office will contact the reviewers weekly to ensure that the reviews are received in the shortest possible time.

Authors can expect to receive the first round of reviewers' comments and the initial result of their submissions within 3-6 months for routine submissions, and within 3-10 weeks for fast Track submissions (depending on the availability of expert reviewers).

At Electronic Physician Journal, we do more than inform authors that their manuscripts have been accepted or rejected or simply ask the authors some questions about the manuscripts. While we do all of the routine reviews that other peer-reviewed journals do, we also have a higher level review system that provides authors some educational hints on the reviewers’ comments. Authors can use the reviewers’ comments and suggestions as well as the educational hints that we will provide to improve the quality of their manuscripts.

In this way, authors who wish to publish their manuscripts in Electronic Physician Journal will have access to useful guidance on research methodology, applied statistics, scientific writing, and research ethics, allowing them to organize their manuscripts in keeping with the highest standards. The review sessions will be more constructive and add value to each author’s manuscript, the review sessions also might generate some additional ideas that our authors may wish to consider in their future research. On that basis, we wish to introduce our new motto, ‘Excellence in Constructive Peer Review.’ We believe that our constructive review system is second to that of no other journal in the academic world.


Step 4: Initial result of submission

After the first round of review, the manuscript may be rejected or accepted with minor or major revisions. It is possible that we also could accept a manuscript without revision, but this has never happened in the last seven years. Thus, manuscripts that are initially accepted must be revised by the author(s) based on the reviewers’ comments and suggestions.


Step 5. Payment of publication fee

In this step, the author(s) whose manuscripts are accepted for publication pay the publication fee for open access publishing of the article.

The journal has designed a new formula to ensure that more authors are able to publish their high quality research free of charge or with a considerable discount. To do this, we have categorized the publication fee into 3 categories. Most of our authors fit in categories 1, 2; and then can publish their research with a discount (or exempt from publication fee). In addition, and since the journal began to publish more Randomized Controlled Trials, Meta-analyses, and Prospective Cohort studies in 2018; authors of such manuscripts may apply for up to 100% discount, at the time of submission. 

Category 1- Exempt from publication fee:

Authors from low income countries (in accordance with the World Bank) will receive 100% discount, with no question.

Category 2- Exempt from publication fee or Considerable discount:

Authors from Middle income countries will receive 35% discount, with no question. They may also apply for additional discount up to 100%, especially authors who live in middle income countries in South Asia (India and Pakistan, ...), West Asia (Iran, Iraq,...), South America, East Europe (Turkey, Russia,...), and Africa, at the time of submission. 

Category 3- High income countries:

A small number of our authors are from high income countries. The publication fee for this category is $750, however, they may apply for 20-100% discount, at the time of submission.

Note 1:

The authors who choose the Fast Track option are required to pay $200 upon successfully passing the review process. Choosing the Fast Track will not affect the outcome of the submission (acceptance or rejection).

Note 2:

No submission fee is required at the time of submission.

Note 3:

The journal pays a considerable fee to technical editors, DOI registration, Cross-ref service, Online Submission System, PubMed Central XML conversions, iThenticate Plagiarism detection, Native English Editing, and other editorial fees. The journal have also recruited a group of the highest ranked English editors to make sure all articles are not only free of grammatical errors, but also our editors re-write most of the sentences and provides constructive comments to the authors. 


Step 6. Screening the manuscript against plagiarism

In this step, iThenticate is used to check the manuscript for similarity index and probable plagiarism. The author will receive the report of iThenticate and the similarity index, and, if required, the author must paraphrase some sentences and paragraphs in the manuscript to make it plagiarism free. The journal may conduct plagiarism screening during any step in the review process.


Step 7. English editing

In this step, the revised manuscript will be sent for English editing. Electronic Physician Journal will perform advanced English editing on all accepted articles at no cost to the authors. Electronic Physician Journal will perform advanced English editing on all accepted articles at no cost to the authors. Our English editors (native English editors from the United States) proofread and grammar check the manuscripts and perform the highest quality of advanced copy editing and re-writing of sentences and paragraphs to ensure that their meaning is clear and professional in tone.

Since our English editors provide numerous comments to the authors, we consider the editing step as the final reviewers' comments before preparing the pre-publication version of the manuscripts. Our authors will find our English editors' comments, suggestions, and corrections to be very valuable guidance for appropriate scientific writing for academic journals. Thus, our authors can use the skills they learn during this step to their own advantage in writing future manuscripts. 

Please click here to read more about Free English editing. 

Please click here to download a sample (PDF format) of the free English editing in Electronic Physician Journal.


Step 8. Galley proof

After revising the manuscript based on the reviewers’ comments and the English editor’s input, the final pre-publication version of the manuscript will be prepared and sent to the author(s) for final checking and approval. 


Step 9. Publication of paper

After receiving the final approval from the author(s), a digital object identifier (DOI) will be assigned to the article, and it will be sent for final layout design and publication.


The following picture shows the Review Flowchart of the manuscripts in our journal.


The Journal is planning to replace its previous Online Submission System to "Scholar One", a product of Clarivate Analytics. Until then, the authors are recommended to contact the journal with email, instant messaging system, or the old online manuscript submission system.

Authors will be notified by e-mail that their manuscripts have been received, and they also will receive information concerning editorial decisions by e-mail. During the review process, authors can check the status of their manuscripts via e-mail. 

All manuscripts will be assigned a unique manuscript ID number. This ID number will be emailed to the corresponding author as soon as the journal’s administrator approves the manuscript for the review process.

To monitor the progress of your manuscript, please visit the online submission system and login to your account or alternatively email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Be sure to include the manuscript ID number and send a copy of the e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For quick messaging us in any urgent case, the authors can contact the Mehr Publishing by SMS or TELEGRAM to +13476889491 or WHATSAPP to +37493304729.


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