Self-inflicted eye trauma is a serious form of self-harm as it may lead to irreversible visual disability. Diagnosing self-inflicted ocular injuries, in all its forms, can be quite challenging. In this report, we are presenting a 5-year-old girl presented to Sohag University Outpatient Clinic with a history of repeated attacks of bilateral eye redness with blood-tinged strands removed from her eyes. After ocular examination, inferior bulbar conjunctival injection with blood-tinged strands were found. After careful examination of the strands, it was discovered that they were actual threads of cloth due to self-inflicted eye injury. Following psychiatric consultation, the patient was diagnosed as having a major depressive disorder. The case was subject to pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment, and showed significant improvement within two months of starting treatment as regard to depressive symptoms and self-injury behaviors. Although self-inflicted ocular injuries due to pediatric mood disorders are rare, it should be suspected in any case of unexplained chronic conjunctivitis.
Keywords: Self-inflicted eye injury, Strands, Major depressive disorder


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