Background and aim: Since hospital information systems (HISs) are among the most important information systems in the health sector, the present study aimed to shed light upon the situation of HISs in selected countries of the Persian Gulf region to reflect national strategies and activities in the case of HISs. 
Methods: In this descriptive cross-sectional study, the information about HISs status of the selected countries of the Persian Gulf region were obtained through approaches including review of national and international resources. Then, according to aspects included in HIS status, content analysis was performed. Information obtained from content analysis after several stages of reading, was categorized and then findings, presented.
Results: The findings revealed that the surveyed countries have widely used HISs since the 1980s. HIS use and development vary to a certain extent. Since the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, Ministry of Health officials of the studied countries have considered the importance of HIS's integration and creating Electronic Health Record where, Oman, Bahrain and UAE are among the leading countries. 
Conclusion: Since the emergence of HISs in healthcare centers, these countries have employed various approaches. In any case, in order to avoid wasting important resources, including financial and human ones, the use of successful experiences of other countries along with the formulation of a comprehensive plan is highly recommended while considering all HIS aspects, including national and international standards.


Keywords: Information systems, Hospital information systems, Middle East


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