Introduction: Since nurses work in various wards, job satisfaction evaluation and work-family conflict investigation among them regarding the ward they work in is highly crucial, because on one hand, there are ample requests for changes in wards, shifts, hospitals, and even job abandonment, and on the other hand, family conflicts and clashes have increased among nurses.
Methods: This correlational research was conducted on 280 nurses who worked in special and general wards of state hospitals in Tehran in 2015. In this study, samples were selected randomly among state hospitals subsidiary to Tehran and Shahid Beheshti universities and social security hospitals in Tehran. Data were collected by means of demographic questionnaire, Smith’s job satisfaction questionnaire, and Net Mayer and Mc Marian's Work-Family conflict questionnaire. In order to analyze the data, SPSS version 21 software was employed and also descriptive statistics methods, correlation coefficient, t-test, regression, and ANOVA were applied.
Results: According to the study’s findings, job satisfaction average scores in the supervisor dimension in special and general wards were medium (44.15, 43.868) (p=0.771), job satisfaction average scores in the work dimension in both special and general wards were relatively medium (30.869, 31.520), job satisfaction scores in promotion opportunity aspect in both special and general wards were weak (14.31, 14.187), also work-family conflict average score was 26.07 in special wards and 25.51 in general wards (p=0.519), and work-family conflict average scores in special wards was 15.71 and in general wards was 14.87 (p=0.420), these differences were not significant.
Conclusion: The study outcomes reveal that nurses’ job satisfaction is at the medium level. It is noteworthy that the highest percentage of nurses’ job satisfaction in both general wards and special wards are associated with being satisfied with their head nurse, and work-family conflict is equal in both sets of wards (general and special). It is recommended that more studies in the realm of nurses’ job satisfaction and work-family conflict should be done.


Keywords: Family-work conflict, Job satisfaction, Nurse, Special, General ward


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