Citations to published research are widely used to determine the impact of researchers, academic institutes, and journals on the progress and development of specific areas of science. 


The indexing quality of a publication can be determined by the amount of citations to the publication. The journal ‘Electronic Physician’ has been indexed in numerous indexing services and databases for several years, including PubMed/PMC, Index Copernicus, the New Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), and EBSCO.


The latest citation report we made based on Thomson Reuters Web of Science/Clarivate Analytics shows that our journal has received 662 citations (including 17 self- citations) from Web of Science Core Collection. Also, the amount of citations to our journal and the variety of the citing journals have increased significantly during 2017 and 2018. A good reason for this is that in recent years, our articles have been made available on the MEDLINE database of Web of Science through PubMed, which increased the visibility and consequently, citations of our papers from the journals that are available on Web of Science Core Collection.


According to this report, our top 10 papers received 110 citations, most of which were made in 2017-2018, and are responsible for our h-index of eight. This h-index differs from the Scopus h-index, and is calculated based on the Web of Science Core Collection.


Figure 1 illustrates the significant increase in the citations to our papers from WOS indexed journals during 2015-2018. This report was created from Web of Science/Clarivate Analytics on July 09, 2018.


Figure 1. Sum of Times Cited by Year, from journals indexed by Web of Science Core Collection (Report created on: July 09, 2018)