Statistical Issues in Randomized Controlled Trials, Editorial by Prof. Dr. Umesh Wadgave, India.

Since the journal is a place for publishing high quality Clinical Trials, the upcoming editorial will cover a timely topic. In this editorial, Professor Umesh Wadgave will discuss Statistical Issues in Randomized Controlled Trials. 

According to him, Randomization is the bedrock of Randomized Controlled Trials, which ensures the elimination of selection bias and also to some extent the homogenous distribution of covariates between the intervention arms. Randomization does not always guarantee the baseline balance, and hence makes the statistical analysis more complex. Several published clinical trials have employed test of significance to compare baseline measures between the groups. However, such practice has been criticized by several authors and CONSORT statement also discourages it. This overview discusses various statistical designs that were employed in published trials.

The last issue of year 2018 will be available by end of 2018.

Prof. Dr. Umesh Wadgave is an expert on evaluating the Clinical Trials and research methods; he serves the journal Electronic Physician as an associate editor

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